McDonald Inc. has a vision to “Lead 1 million women to have Courage, Step in, Step up and Start up”. Sonia McDonald’s vast experience over 25 years is at the forefront of leadership change and this has created a foundation of courageous, kind, authentic women leaders who inspire, encourage and bring out the best in others. Through a compelling need, McDonald Inc. has the solutions and is now taking women’s leadership to the next level. This will help women across the globe become courageous in their lives, careers and through leadership especially in sectors where women are under-represented.


    Executive Coaching

    Without a doubt the best results are always had when you have the undivided attention of working with a coach. Our team will help you evaluate your leadership, set goals and take your seat at the leadership table.

    • Develop into the leader you want to be.
    • Set yourself up for promotion.
    • Learn the skills that create employee loyalty.
    • Working with McDonald Inc. will empower you, give you a leadership mindset and set you up for success.

    Wanting to change your career trajectory? McDonald Inc. can help you not only get there but excel in your new role.

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