Our Courageous Legacy

McDonald Inc. creates sustainable change through compelling leadership journeys. We will empower 1 million women to have the courage to step in, step up and start up, making a significant difference globally in women’s leadership.

Courageous Women Program

Join us around Australia - Empowering women to unlock their unique leadership potential and courage.

This one-day workshop is for emerging female leaders and women who already hold a leadership role but wish to discover talents which may have been overlooked in traditional training and personal development courses. It will be focused on your Personal Leadership, Courage and Confidence and includes a Personal Branding Assessment, Toolkit and Journal, Ongoing email and phone support, First Comes Courage Book, Green Membership to our Courageous Women Membership. Join our empowering leadership program and discover the leader you want to be!



To help women across the globe be courageous in their lives, careers and leadership.


To lead 1 million women to courage and step in, step up and start up.

What Makes Us Different

McDonald Inc. is a leader in helping women and organisations achieve results that require lasting changes in leadership and talent which are often the most difficult challenges of any organisation. When accomplished, they are also the most notable competitive advantage.

We provide leadership programs and services, all based on a foundation of unshakeable principles and proven practices.

Our ultimate aim is to deliver transformational results. Our expanding reach now extends across Australia and the Globe with associates working toward our common mission of enabling courage, opportunities and greatness in women and organisations everywhere.

Leadership Values We Foster


Who We Have Worked With

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