Our Leadership Legacy

If you’re looking to for great leadership and talent, we’re here to help.

At McDonald Inc., we know that great leaders and talent make a massive difference to any organisation. it is about getting the right people on the bus.

We partner with our clients to get the very best in talent with a focus on finding kind, courageous and values driven talent .

What sets us apart is our partnership approach. Creating sustainable change takes time and we will be there to provide specialist advice, support and tools throughout your leadership journey.

Leadership Programs


To build a world of kind and courageous leaders and leadership.


To create and celebrate 100,000 courageous leaders and organisations by 2030.

What Makes Us Different

McDonald Inc. is a leader in helping organisations achieve results that require lasting changes in leadership and performance which are often the most difficult challenges of any organisation. When accomplished, they are also the most notable competitive advantage.

We provide tools, methodology, training and thought leadership, all based on a foundation of unshakeable principles and proven practices. We also celebrate and showcase the courageous leaders and organisations who espouse courage and kindness every day.

Our ultimate aim is to deliver transformational results. Our expanding reach now extends across Australia and the Globe with associates working toward our common mission of enabling courage and greatness in people and organisations everywhere.

Leadership Values We Foster

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